Full Name Chauncey, the Spoiled Baby
Age 1
Biography He cries loudly and never sleeps through the night, but since he was born a ghost, This seems natural.
Room Nursery
Life 100

“Ow! You gave me an owie!” —Chauncey, Luigi's Mansion

Chauncey, the Spoiled Baby (Japanese: ベビーラ Bebīra) is the third Portrait Ghost Luigi encounters and is the first boss of Luigi's Mansion. Chauncey is the son of Neville and Lydia and the brother of Henry and Orville.

When Luigi first found Chauncey in the Nursery, located in the first area, the ghost was sleeping. In order to wake him, Luigi used his trusty vacuum to rock the rocking horse nearby. Chauncey then tried to "play" with Luigi by sending three teddy bears at the green plumber. These bears can be sucked up and won't come back. In an attempt to fight back, Luigi used his Poltergust to capture a ball next to the crib and shoot it back at Chauncey. But, this turned out to be a bad move, as Chauncey became upset over his "owie," complained about grown-ups being bigger than him, and ordered Luigi to become tiny.


Chauncey, on his rocking horse.

The green-capped hero landed in Chauncey's crib, miniature-sized, now staring at a huge Spoiled Baby. Soon, with his menacing rattle, Chauncey directed three gigantic rocking horses at the plumber, one by one, causing five HP of damage for each hit, then six large balls rained down onto the crib, causing two HP of damage for each hit. Five of the balls were ruined, but one was the same one and in the same condition as the one that Luigi hit Chauncey with in the Nursery. Luigi took the opportunity to suck the ball before it disappeared and redirect it back to Chauncey, now making him vulnerable. However, as the plumber was still small, Luigi would not capture Chauncey in one try. After his failure, the baby would romp around the crib, damaging Luigi ten HP if he was caught in his path. It would take three or four tries to capture the Spoiled Baby, after which Luigi would earn a special key, breaking the seal on the first floor so the plumber could explore it in his search for Mario.