Luigi is the main protagonist of luigi's mansion.

Ghost HunterEdit

Luigi's main wepon is the Poltergust 3000 he uses this to suck up ghosts it was given to him by Professor E. Gad.

Luigi's Mansion storyEdit

During Luigi's Mansion, Luigi entern a contest in mansion he hadn't even entered. Luigi called Mario and asked him if he can join him catch and shutch.the mansion. Mario got to the mansion first. When Luigi arrived, Mario was nowhere to be found and ghosts haunted the mansion. Luigi met Professor E. Gadd and received the Poltergust 3000, a vacuum that allowed him to capture ghosts.

Luigi went through the mansion, vacuuming many ghosts in order to save his helpless brother from the King of all Boos. In order to fill E. Gadds gallery and find King Boo, Luigi had to capture twenty-three special ghosts. These ghosts were more powerful than regular ghosts, and each had a special ability unique to that ghost. After defeating all of the spooks, Luigi had to confront King Boo himself. Dressed in a Bowser Suit, King Boo had all the powers of Bowser and more. But nevertheless, Luigi prevailed and captured the King of all ghosts. After Luigi returned to E. Gadd's Lab, E. Gadd transformed them into paintings. Luigi saw that Mario had been turned into a painting as well. With the help of E. Gadd, he was freed from his pastel prison in a rather comedic way. After cleaning his mansion of the ghosts, Luigi was able to build a new and better version of his spooky mansion. After Mario was rescued, he went with Peach on another vacation, but this time without Luigi.