Professor Elvin Gadd

Gadd with the beta Poltergust 3000

Professor Elvin Gadd is the scientist appearing in Luigi's Mansion. He first appeared in Luigi's Mansion for the Nintendo Gamecube.


Gadd used to live on the foothills of Thwomp Volcano, and the events of Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time occured. At 20 he moved to Boo Woods and studied ghosts. Many years later he helped Luigi in his quest.


  • Poltergust 3000
  • Poltergust 4000
  • Poltergust 5000
  • Gameboy Horror
  • Ghost Portrificationizer
  • Hydrogush 4000
  • F.L.U.D.D.
  • Gaddbrush
  • Stuffwell
  • Coin Vacumn
  • DS Time Radar
  • E. Gadd Battle Machine
  • Gaddgets
  • Gaddlight
  • Gameboy Horror SP
  • Ghost Gown
  • Super Poltergust 3001
  • Magic Orb